Tuesday, March 1, 2016

FINALLY: Get Organized! Week 9

A fun and creative week for our homework!  

It's Storytime!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

FINALLY Get Organized! 28th Feb-5th Mar Checklist

FINALLY Get Organized! 28th Feb-5th Mar Checklist

So as we approach this week's organization checklist, let's take a break and actually start sharing.

Let's step away from the overwhelming task of comparing our digital and paper files. Let's quit fussing about where to file things about a woman before or after marriage, or what to do with your ancestor's in-laws info that fell into your lap late last year. Let's go so far as to shelve our worries about what to do with our Family Tree Maker Files during this transition period. Let's SHARE our family history in small, manageable bites at a time, so as to not choke our family members at the very thought of another "genealogy lecture."

  1. Let's take this week to tell 1 family history story per day, just for the fun of it! Rejoice in the freedom to share your memories with others. It could be:
  • A childhood memory
  • Something you remember about your Dad
  • A memory of your mother who always said _______________.
  • A school field trip.
  • Summer trip to visit ______________.
  • Why you love to eat ______________, when initially you didn't like it one bit.
  • Something your grandmother told you about her parents.
  • Your grandfather's opinion about _____________.
  • Something one of your children did when he was two or three.
  • The story of how you broke your arm, or skinned your knee, but it was totally worth it.
  • What grandpa said life was like when he was a child.
  • The house where your grandparents first lived.
  • The silly family story about ______________.
  • How saving for _____________ was the hardest thing you ever did.
  • What surprised you to learn about your grandmother's mother.
  • Great Uncle ______ who went to war.

 2. Mix it up a little. Anyone can write an email, but is that what will really make the "younger set" get excited about the family stories you've collected? Consider:
  • Setting 3-5 photos and documents on the kitchen table each day, then ask a grandchild or some other youngster in your neighborhood to record your with your smart phone. Upload the file to your free YouTube or FamilySearch account, and share the link to the video with your family and closest friends. For more info see:

  • If you are lucky enough to have inherited an old quilt, pair of glasses, a rocking chair or desk from your parents or grandparents, why not share the story of that treasure? Believe me, it's going to become a treasure when  your great-grandchildren can hear your voice as you tell about someone one or two generations older than you are.

So go on! Let's SHARE. You can bet Ol' Myrt will be doing this as well.

Soooooo, this week I will do my homework just a bit differently.
I will add a story for each day to this blog.
Some of the stories are ones that I have worked on already, 
but will add them here, as well as send them to each of our grandchildren
(and to our children as well......  :-) )
A few years ago, a cousin of mine and I set out to
"prove or disprove" some of the family
stories that we were told during our growing up years.
I felt that it was important to not only find the 
truth of the story, but also to save the original stories,
as they are a part of our history.....

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