Thursday, January 28, 2016

FINALLY: Get Organized! Week 3

Last week, DearMyrtle's family was dealing with the loss of a dear member........ Our days on this earth are finite, that fact is so very easy to forget.......  It would be wonderful to make sure that we take every opportunity to let our family and friends know how much they mean to us and how much they are loved.  Not just verbally, but with our actions.........  Our prayers continue for her sweet family.

This weeks' homework came a bit later on in the week.......which worked out just fine.  

WEEK 3: Jan 17-24:

  1.  Transcribe every document you've collected on the first 4-four generations in your surname/maiden name binder.  We are talking word-for-word, every letter, precicely as written or typed, stamped or printed. Nothing more, nothing less. Abbreviations and missspelled words just as they are.
  2.  Refile each document in the Surname/Maiden Name binder.Ol' Myrt here understands some of you had documents you hadn't finished scanning. With this transcription assignment above, you simply had to get each document scanned for those first four generations. And yes, I know we still haven't dealt with adopted, sibling and females after marriage. We simply must get the system down pat before progressing.

And so, the "system" seems to be:
-Add the person/and/or generation
-Scan the documentation (and photos)
-Transcribe the documentation
-Refile the documentation

  1. I have been transcribing the vital records and documentation that I use in my family tree software in the source forms.  I will use the software Transcript for my transcribing to put into the person folders.  I have used this program for some documents that were difficult to read, not thinking about using it for all the documentation, what a great idea!  This will make sharing information, especially bits and bobs, so much easier..... just copy and paste!
  2. Each document that I have transcribed has been refiled into, or added to, the proper person/family folder.
Note**  There is much to be gone through that are physical records needing to be scanned.  So, as time allows, I will continue my journey of digitization, and will work on the transcription and filing as I go.  

G'night from Texas!

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