Friday, January 29, 2016

FINALLY: Get Organized--Week 4

I am still transcribing documents, as they are NUMEROUS!!!  I would imagine that
my transcribing will be a long-running assignment for me!  LOL!  
BUT.......  I am so grateful to finally be moving forward on these!
Thank you Dear Myrtle!!!

From Dear Myrtle's Blog:

Here are our items on this week's checklist:

This week takes a different tack - it's pay back time. 

Now to branch out a bit, we’re going to do some online indexing and have a little fun.
 1. Volunteer at FamilySearch Indexing.  You’ve probably heard about this massive project. Nearly 6 million records were indexed in 2015. There are currently 592 projects with varying degrees of difficulty. Multiple languages are offered, as wFamilySearch continues collecting records from countries throughout the world. If you are fluent in Spanish, go for indexing one of those record sets.

This is a way for you to pay your dues, genealogically speaking.
It is amazing what we can accomplish together. 

Do not worry. There are two people indexing each page, and an arbitrator that resolves any differences noted by the FamilySearch computers. Each month Cousin Russ and one of DearMYRTLE's very distant cousins records an indexing session. In the embedded video below, names were indexed as they appeared in a variety of obituaries. We all know how valuable obituaries are for providing clues about other family members.

This is a new venture for me!  I went to and researched
Indexing.........I downloaded their indexer.........
and I have been indexing!!!!  WOW!  This is so wonderful!
It is not difficult.....I thought that I would have to
know ....things..... about the computer, and about the documents.....
but truly, the training read-outs and videos are great!

I am so grateful for an opportunity to "GIVE BACK" to the 
Genealogical Community.  I use the FamilySearch  site SO often,
as so many do.  I was able to index some Probate records in
the U.K., and have indexed some Delayed Birth Certificates. This 
is a project that I believe I will continue to give of my time to.
Great idea Myrt!

2. Learn to browse the image collections at .
There's a method to Ol' Myrt's madness. Since the majority of the records at FamilySearch are not yet indexed, researchers must spend most of their time browsing, not searching by name. So do not type in an ancestor's name. Scroll over and down to click the "Browse all published collections" text.

I can relate here...... I spend a lot of time b-r-o-w-s-i-n-g 
the records here, and I am so very grateful for
all the records that FamilySearch shares.  I have 
found Probate records, Wills, Marriages and other
documentation----each deserving of a BIG "Hurrah"
once found!

  3. Create surname binders for yourself (if female) and your mother's maiden name, but leave them at that for the moment. No need to worry about color coding, we are making coffee table books for the non-genealogists in the family.

As previously mentioned, due to space and weight
limitations, my Binders are digital.  I do
have both of these Binders created.  I hope to look into
digital scrapbooking down the road to "dress up" 
my Binders.  I have also made hardcover books of 
some of the family members, making it easy to share with family.....
plus they make nice gifts.

 4. Update your genealogy program to include your siblings with birth and marriage information. Make sure photos and documents are transcribed and cited before attaching to the appropriate individuals as well. 

My brothers are entered into my genealogy programs
with birth, death and marriage info, as well as
medical.  I am still seeking some of their documentation, 
and have added the photos.  I don't add all of the
photos, as there are so many.......sometimes it is difficult to
decide which ones to include.


Usually this time of the year here in this area of Texas
shows us browned dry, brittle grass......
but all of the rain that we had this fall
has given us swollen lakes and beautifully green meadows......
It won't be long and the trees will be budding,
the Redbuds will be glorious!
Spring is just around the corner!

So long from Texas-------

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